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While each training is custom built for the unique needs of the organization, de-escalation workshops typically involve…

  • Conflict & Aggressive Psychology

  • Emotional Self-Regulation Techniques

  • Verbal De-Escalation Skills Sequences

Customer De-Escalation

Help your customer-facing staff respond effectively to emotionally escalated customers whether customers are in-person or on the phone.

Eventgoer De-Escalation

Public events can bring all sorts of audience members. Your events team needs the skills to effectively and safely defuse escalated situations.

Eventgoer De-Escalation

Public events can bring all sorts of audience members. Your events team needs the skills to effectively and safely defuse escalated situations.

Student De-Escalation

Now more than ever, educators and administrators need to learn how to de-escalate situations with adult learners.

Our De-Escalation Training Services

At Defuse De-Escalation Training, it is our job and our pleasure to provide the best conflict management training services possible. We take our training efforts seriously and are dedicated to helping business leaders, managers, and employees enjoy happy, healthy work environments. Whether you are part of a small business, a mid-size enterprise, or a large corporate world, our team will help you find the solutions that contribute to smarter, more mindful work practices. No matter what your current work situation is, we will find the solution that helps you move forward feeling confident about your abilities and your business journey.

Customized Training for Your Organization

Our experienced team of experts understands that no two workplace conflicts are alike and that even the most seemingly-tranquil work environments can experience issues that result in tension and strife. That is why we tailor our services to accommodate the particular needs of our clients. Our team of conflict management rockstars employs a deep understanding of the psychology contributing to workplace issues, including the underlying, sometimes-unconscious motivation of both employees and leaders alike.

The de-escalation training workshops at Defuse are here to provide you and your team with the insights necessary for a healthy, productive future. All workshops are led by experienced, knowledgeable instructors and includes programs for managers, individual employees, two or more employees, and even customers. We tackle every aspect of the employee, manager, and customer experience to help our clients gain the insights they need. Our training sessions are available in-person and virtually, allowing people around the country to experience customized conflict resolution training.

While training sessions vary in light of the people involved, they typically include:

● Learning classic conflict resolution and de-escalation skills

● Discovering clear and straightforward conflict resolution tactics that can be used in a wide variety of high-intensity or stressful situations

● Determining which conflict resolution skills apply to specific situations, such as high-conflict work environments where tension runs high every day

● Learning about conflict management in addition to conflict resolution

● Honing communication skills

Benefits of De-Escalation Training

Taking advantage of de-escalation training offers a myriad of benefits. Some of the best reasons to move forward with this type of training include:

  • Promotes Self-Control: In a heated situation, it is easy to let your emotions take hold. You might say things you don’t mean and hurt others’ feelings, or make statements that are only partially true and cause more chaos. Being mindful of your feelings and learning to control them more easily is an invaluable tool you can use in both your professional and personal life.
  • Reduces Stress: When you are better able to control your emotions and remain calm in tense, possibly volatile situations, you stress less. Stress causes a variety of health issues beyond mental irritation and depression, including headaches, stomach problems, heartburn, rapid breathing, and insomnia. It can also increase the risk of heart problems, including high blood pressure and heart attacks, muscle tension, high blood sugar, and a weakened immune system.
  • Contributes to a Healthier Workplace: When a business leader acquires de-escalation skills, the entire office or other work environment benefits. The more business leaders and managers who hone these same skills, the more tranquil, happy, and healthy the workplace becomes. Conflicts are easier to deal with, which avoids related pitfalls such as workplace tension, stress, and resentment. Team members will appreciate their managers’ efforts as well, which can increase productivity. Employees who feel their leaders care about their wellness are more likely to go above and far beyond their mandates.
  • Increases Revenue Streams: As productivity improves, monthly revenue streams can increase. For example, say de-escalation training happens at a local retail store that has been struggling lately. Following training, the employees become more cheerful, and the entire store vibe shifts. The word can then spread quickly and cause more consumers to patronize the store. The same is true of many other businesses, including restaurants and bars, clothing boutiques, consignment shops, and cafes.

3 Warning Signs of Escalation

Understanding the signs of escalation in the workplace makes it easy to step in and diffuse the situation. Some of the most common warning signs of escalation include:

  • A Shift to the Personal: As tensions rise in a work environment, it is not uncommon for employees to start talking in a personal rather than a professional manner. You might hear comments such as, “Jill is always late and it is so annoying”, “I cannot stand the way Paul snaps his gum. He sits right next to me and doesn’t care that it’s irritating!”, and “Steve is unreasonable, so asking him to change the deadline is pointless.”
  • “Camp” or “Clique” Formation: Cliques or camps can form in the workplace, causing employees to “take sides.” Such activities interfere with productivity and do not contribute to a healthy work environment. Any new hires might feel uncomfortable and start thinking about finding other jobs. Attracting new talent can become challenging as a result, because your company does not have a reputation as a great place to work.
  • Increased Hostility: If no action is taken, the workplace becomes an increasingly and openly hostile environment. Team members might make sarcastic or flat-out rude comments about each other in front of others, which causes tension, resentment, and nervous feelings. They might also leave meetings prematurely, start shouting at their coworkers, or avoid workplace discussions entirely. It is also possible for the opposite to happen, meaning employees become increasingly isolated from each other. Isolation is just as bad as open hostility because it interferes with employee relationships and can make team members dread coming to work. This again does nothing for your business’s reputation.

The Importance of Self-Regulation in De-Escalation

Staying calm and mindful during de-escalation cannot be emphasized enough. It is easy to let powerful emotions take over, but it often does nothing for the conflict or similar work issues. De-escalation training goes over self-regulation in exhaustive detail to help business leaders and managers become extra mindful and self-aware.

If you feel yourself reaching an emotional boiling point, take a minute to breathe. You might want to temporarily remove yourself from the situation so you can mentally regroup and consider what conflict management practices apply. Should you find calming down is harder than you thought, think of calming sayings. “Keep calm and carry on,” “Opportunity seldom rises with blood pressure,” “There can be no peace without but through peace within”, and “Within you, there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself” are among the inspiring quotes that help calm the mind and body. Pick your favorites and think of them whenever you need to self-regulate in a tense situation.

The more you learn about self-regulation and its benefits, the easier it will be to put what you learned into practice and deal with workplace conflicts swiftly. You will also notice that feeling calm comes easier, which helps you sidestep the many negative aspects of stress. Expect your fellow managers and employees to notice and perhaps learn from the example you provide. Additionally, your ability to quickly reduce workplace tension and solve conflicts will likely be noticed by the business owners, which can result in a promotion and pay raise.

What Kind of Industries Do We Serve?

We are thrilled to provide conflict resolution, communication, and conflict management services to all! No matter what industry you are part of, you can count on our team to guide you through communication and conflict management processes that help you create a stronger, mentally healthier team. Some of the many, many industries we serve include:

● Education

● Retail

● Law enforcement

● Healthcare

● Food and beverage (restaurants, cafes, delis, bars, etc.)

● Manufacturing

● Event planning

● All other customer service-related industries

● Travel

● Advertising and marketing

● Agriculture

● Aerospace

● Computer and technology

● Entertainment

● Construction

● Finance

● Media and news

● Transportation

● Telecommunication

● Pharmaceutical

● And so much more!

Our team does not turn away business leaders, managers, employees, or customers from any industry. If you do not see your industry listed, simply contact us to learn what we will do for you. Our experts have already helped thousands of people across many industries improve their communication, conflict resolution, and conflict management skills.

Now is the Time to Get Started!

Whether you are interested in our expert de-escalation training or requesting any of our many other conflict resolution and management services, why not get started now? Any time is the right time to create a happier, healthier, more productive work environment. We are eager to help you and your team move forward in a way that benefits everyone, so get in touch today! Our team is here to help you determine which services are right for your business’s current needs and answer any questions you have.

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